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PFS Postural Assessment

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This one-day postural assessment course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to assess your clients’ posture accurately, identify deviations, and effectively address these issues through targeted exercises. Throughout the course, you will explore various topics including progress tracking, body alignment, kinetic chains, static and visual assessments, dynamic assessment, functional movement screening, deviation types, overactive and underactive muscles, corrective exercises, stretching, flexibility, mobility, and their impact on posture.

Students will delve into the significance of fascia and myofascia, as well as the concept of tensegrity in relation to posture. Additionally, you will learn when and how to conduct postural assessments, ensuring you can provide the most appropriate guidance to your clients. Students will also explore the importance of correct breathing and core integration in achieving optimal posture.

By mastering these techniques, you will be equipped to enhance your clients’ quality of life by alleviating common issues such as chronic back pain, headaches, breathing difficulties, muscle stiffness, neck pain, and digestive problems. Furthermore, you will gain valuable insights into the limitations and contraindications for pregnant clients.

This course also presents an excellent opportunity for both new and established fitness clubs to train or retrain their staff, enabling them to conduct exceptional client inductions by accurately measuring and tracking progress. This, in turn, will contribute to higher client retention rates.

The course extensively covers the process of obtaining client information accurately, as well as measuring progress through specially designed tests. This data serves as a valuable tool for fitness professionals, enabling them to track and demonstrate their clients’ progress over time. Such tangible evidence of improvement acts as a powerful motivational tool.

In an increasingly competitive fitness industry, it is vital for trainers to continuously upskill, keep abreast of trends, and identify their niche area. This course not only equips you with the tools to track client progress effectively but also addresses functional posture issues that can enhance overall fitness and health.

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