Office 2007….. Fast modules 1 to 3

Course description

In three modules of concentrated Microsoft Office training, this course takes you through the new interfaces and features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 – taking your existing MS Office 2003 skills and bringing them right up to date.
This fast version of Microsoft Office training breaks down the learning process into quick and easily digestible chunks, all in around six hours. You’ll learn every vital element of these three popular and widely-used applications in this short space of time.
Our flexible MS Office training also allows you to work at your own pace; you’ll also have a personalised workbook, which will stay with you as a handy reference guide once you have concluded your training. Of course, you’ll then have the power of the Pitman Training name on your CV – but to make the process complete, we strongly advise you to continue to the Office 2007 Fast Modules 4-6 course covering Outlook, Access and Publisher 2007.
What’s more, if you want to enhance your career still further, Pitman Training offers some of the best known diplomas, such as Executive PA, Medical or Legal Secretary which can lead to highly rewarding careers.

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