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Nursing Studies Level 5 (5M4349)

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Sept to May
Further Education and PLC
One academic year

Course description

The purpose of this programme is to prepare the student for all aspects of the role of the Nurse. The student is introduced to a wide variety of modules with a work placement element to the programme, which gives the student the opportunity and the experience of working in a setting of their choice under supervision. The programme also prepares the students for interviews, progression to third level colleges, UCAS and CAO preparation and the college has established a link with some of the English colleges and Institutions in Ireland and the U.K.


Entry Requirements

• Leaving Certificate standard or QQI Level 4

• Mature students (23+) are welcome to apply

Course Content

  • Care Provision and Practice 5N2705
  • Care of the Older Person 5N2706
  • Palliative Care 5N3769
  • Nursing Theory and Practice 5N4325
  • Human Growth and Development 5N1297
  • Anatomy & Physiology 5N0749
  • Social Studies 5N1370
  • Work Experience 5N1356
  • Communications 5N0690
  • Mathematics 5N1833

Please note the above modules are subject to change

WORKSHOPS:  Team Building and Leadership, Manual Handling, Palliative Care Support,  Interactive Workshops with SRN Nurse, Occupational First Aid

Career Opportunities

On successful completion of the Level 5 Nursing Studies Programme, students may seek employment in the field of Community Development or Health and Social Care. They can also apply through the CAO and UCAS for a wide range of degree courses which will allow student progression to General (RGN) Psychiatric (RPN) Intellectual Disability (RDN)

  • Children’s Nursing (RGN) and Midwifery (RM) courses both in Ireland and the UK.
  • Successful graduates of this course are eligible to work in a variety of settings which include:
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centres, Home Care Assistance, Community Development


Moate Business College

  • 6M3674 Advanced Certificate in Community Development

Athlone Institute of Technology

  • AL830 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • AL832 Psychiatric Nursing (Level 8)
  • AL836 Health Science and Nutrition (Level 8)
  • AL630 Pharmaceutical Technician (Level 7)
  • AL631 Dental Nursing (Level 7)
  • AL731 Veterinary Nursing (Level 7)
  • AL734 Pharmaceutical Science (Drug Development & Analysis ) (Level 7)
  • AL839 Microbiology (Level 8)
  • AL840 Pharmaceutical Science (Level 8)
  • AL842 Bioveterinary Science (Level 8)

Trinity College Dublin

  • TR091 General Nursing (Meath and St James`s) (Level 8)
  • TR093 General Nursing (Adelaide School of Nursing) (Level 8)
  • TR095 Psychiatric Nursing (Level 8)
  • TR097 Intellectual Disability Nursing (Level 8)
  • TR913 Midwifery (Level 8)

Dundalk Institute of Technology

  • DK870 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • DK874 Mental Health Nursing (Level 8)
  • DK872 Intellectual Disability Nursing (Level 8)
  • DK877 Midwifery (Level 8)

Waterford Institute of Technology

  • WD116 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • WD117 Psychiatric Nursing (Level 8)
  • WD120 Intellectual Disability Nursing (Level 8)
  • WD163 Psychology (Level 8)

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

  • GA880 General Nursing (Mayo) (Level 8)
  • GA882 Psychiatric Nursing (Mayo) (Level 8)
  • GA785 Medical Science (Level 8)
  • GA791 Public Health Nutrition (Level 8)

Institute of Technology Carlow

  • CW106 Physchology and Health Science (Level 6)
  • CW178 Sports Science (Level 8)
  • CW188 Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy (Level 8)

Dublin City University

  • DC209 Health and Society (Level 8)
  • DC215 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • DC216 Mental Health Nursing (Level 8)
  • DC217 Intellectual Disability Nursing (Level 8)
  • DC218 Children & General Nursing (Integrated) (Level 8)

University College Dublin

  • DN450 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • DN451 Children & General Nursing (Integrated) (Level 8)
  • DN452 Midwifery (Level 8)
  • DN453 Mental Health Nursing (Level 8)
  • DN720 Psychology (Level 8)

National University of Ireland – Galway

  • GY515 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • GY516 Mental Health Nursing (Level 8)
  • GY517 Midwifery (Level 8)

Institute of Technology Sligo

  • SG443 Human Nutrition (Level 8)
  • SG445 Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Development (Level 8)

University of Limerick

  • LM038 Psychology and Sociology (Level 8)
  • LM102 Psychology (Level 8)
  • LM150 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • LM152 Mental Health Nursing (Level 8)
  • LM154 Intellectual Disability Nursing (Lev
  • AL836 Health Science and Nutrition Level 8
  • LM156 Midwifery (Level 8)

Technological University Dublin

  • TU645 Food Science & Management (Level 6)

St. Angela’s College, Sligo

  • AS110 General Nursing (Level 8)
  • AS130 Intellectual Disability Nursing (Level 8)

Canterbury Christ Church University

  • B740 BSc Nursing Studies (Adult) (Level 8)

West London University

  • B740 BSc Nursing Studies (Adult) (Level 8)

Other English Universities Courses

  • BSc. Adult Nursing
  • BSc. Psychiatric Disability Nursing
  • BSc. Intellectual Disability Nursing
  • BSc. Occupational Therapy
  • BSc. Radiography
  • BSc. Radiooncology
  • BSc. Physiotherapy

On successful completion of the course, candidates who reach the required standard will receive the following award:

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Nursing Studies (5M4349)
Successful completion of the course will allow the student progression to General (RGN), Psychiatric (RPN), Intellectual Disability (RND), Children’s Nursing (RGN) and Midwifery (RM) courses both in Ireland  and the UK

Applications are especially welcome from Mature Students


Moate Business College students are eligible under the same conditions that apply to any third level institution for the government paid maintenance grant.

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