Chevron CollegeMicro-Generator Electrical Installation

Micro-Generator Electrical Installation

Chevron College
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QQI Level 6 Electrical & Commissioning of Micro Generators Awards (6N0307)

This is a 4 day, 9am-5pm, programme. The course will involve theory and practical work. On completion you will be able to:

  • Describe key characteristics of micro-generation systems including the major components and system layout of wind, solar p-v (photo-voltaic), hydro- and micro-CHP (combined heat and power) systems
  • Identify the characteristics of generator types to include permanent magnet, induction, synchronous and asynchronous
  • Describe solar p-v module types and arrays to include current-voltage characteristics, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum power current and voltage
  • Describe wind turbine types to include variable voltage and frequency output
  • Describe output controls on wind generator to include dump loads and electrical braking
  • Summarise the requirements for electrical works with respect to applicable regulations, certification, and national rules for electrical installation
  • Summarise relevant product requirements including those relating to European conformity CE marking, and testing and certification standards
  • Identify hazards associated with micro-generation installations to include “always live” systems, leakage current detection, earthing and lightning protection systems and isolation devices, proposing suitable mitigation measures
  • Describe network connection requirements including the network connection application process
  • Summarise appropriate signage and labeling requirements as per the National Rules for Electrical Installations to include identification of cable locations and “always live” systems.
  • Justify the selection of a suitable battery system based on sizing and safety requirements as per IS EN 50272-2
  • Calculate recommended minimum capacities for electrical components including voltage and current ratings for direct current plugs, connectors and switches, and cable capacity based on size
  • Program inverters with generator power curves in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and set-up instructions
  • Commission a solar p-v system completing all required electrical testing
  • Commission a simulated rotating generator system completing all required electrical testing
  • Identify faults in solar p-v and rotating generator systems using test and measurement equipment.


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