MH 901 – BA Arts (Kilkenny Campus First Year)

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Duration: 3 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

As an Arts student, you can choose to study how people live, how they think, how they behave, how they interact with each other socially or economically; you can analyse our cultural, literary, historical, or political development; or you can get to grips with a fundamental analysis of human life through the study of its physical and biological processes.
The Faculties of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy and Social Sciences, are offering students on the Kilkenny Campus of NUI Maynooth the opportunity to complete the 1st year of their degree in Kilkenny. On completion of same students will transfer to the main Maynooth Campus to complete their studies.  The Arts degree on offer (known as MH901) offers flexibility, giving you the option to choose a diverse range of subjects. You will have a number of weeks at the beginning of First Year to choose your Arts subjects.
In first year students take three subjects, with not more than one from the same group. For example, if you choose Anthropology, you cannot study Nua-Ghaeilge. Check that your preferred subject combinations are also available in second/third year too. In second and third year, students continue with two of their first year subjects. You may not study more than one subject from a single group.
Applicants are required to have a minimum of six subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate with two Higher Level papers at C3 and four Ordinary or Higher Level papers at grade D3.