Moate Business CollegeMedia Studies Level 5

Media Studies Level 5

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Sept to May
Further Education and PLC, Level 5 QQI
One Academic Year

Course description

MEDIA STUDIES – Certificate in Creative Media (5M5048)


The aim of the course is to provide students with the necessary skills to think imaginatively and bring their ideas to life through a creative and artistic approach. It is designed to afford students the opportunity to become familiar with the various fields of journalism, digital photography, games studies, 3D Modelling and digital image design. Successful candidates will acquire a broad range of skills, which will qualify them to either progress to higher education or to work in a range of digital media industries.



Leaving Certificate standard or QQI Level 4, • Mature students (23+) are welcome to apply

Applications are welcome from all students especially mature students (over 23 years of age). Applicants may be subject to garda vetting.


Digital Photography 5N1270, Desktop Publishing 5N0785, Games Analysis Design 5N1651, Work Experience 5N1356, Image Processing 5N1292, Media Analysis 5N1298,  Computer 3D Modelling and Animation 5N1603, Communications 5N0690


This course provides the basis from which a student may further his/her studies in the area of Creative Media. There are also a wide range of job opportunities in the Media sector including:

Video Production, Photographer, Screen Writer, Journalism, Games Design

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Moate Business College

6M4985 Advanced Business with IT (Level 6)

6M5012 Advanced Tourism with Business (Level 6)

6M0691 Advanced Software Development (Level 6)*

Athlone Institute of Technology

AL605 Music and Instrument Technology (Level 6)

AL705 Software Development (Mobile Applications & Connected Devices) (Level 7)

AL718 Music and Sound Engineering (Level 7)

AL763 Graphic Design (Level 7)

AL861 Animation and Illustration (Level 8)

University College Cork

CK101 Arts (Level 8)

CK104 Arts with Music (Level 8)

CK105 Film & Screen Media (Level 8)

CK109 English (Level 8)

Dublin City University

DC295 Arts (Joint Honours) Politics (Level 8)

DC131 Communication Studies (Level 8)

DC133 Multimedia (Level 8)

Dundalk Institute of Technology

DK722 BSc in Augmented and Virtual Reality

DK768 Audio and Music Production (Level 7)

DK769 Creative Media (Level 7)

DK770 Theatre & Film Practice (Level 7)

DK820 Computing in Games Development (Level 8)

DK863 Creative Media (Level 8)

DK864 Film and Television Production (Level 8)

DK865 Audio and Music Production (Level 8)

IADT Dun Laoghaire

DL821 English Media & Cultural Studies (Level 8)

DL826 Visual Communication Design (Level 8)

DL828 3D Design, Model making and Digital Art (Level 8)

DL832 Animation (Level 8)

DL833 Photography (Level 8)

DL834 Film & Television Production (Level 8)

DL837 New Media Studies (Level 8)

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

GA274 Design (Level 7)

GA281 Film and Documentary (Level 8)

GA776 Computing & Digital Media (Level 7)

GA788 Computing & Digital Media (Level 8)

Limerick Institute of Technology

LC234 Interactive Digital Media (Level 8)

LC276 Creative Broadcast & Film Production (Level 7)

LC372 Music Technology and Production (Level 8)

LC418 Computing, Games Design & Development (Thurles) (Level 8)

LC502 Game Art & Design (Clonmel) (Level 8)

LC504 Creative Media and Design (Clonmel) (Level 7)

LC506 Visual Effects for Film, TV & Animation (Level 8)

LC517 Creative Media & Design (Clonmel) (Level 8)

LC518 Digital Animation Production (portfolio (Clonmel, (Level 8)

LC606 Creative Media and Design (Ennis) (Level 7)

LC616 Creative Media and Design (Ennis) (Level 8)

Maynooth University

MH101 Arts (Level 8)

MH109 Media Studies (Level 8)

Institute of Technology Carlow

CW047 Visual Communications and Design (Wexford) (Level 7)

CW088 Visual Communications and Design (Wexford) (Level 8)

CW547 TV and Media Production (Level 7)

CW578 TV and Media Production (Level 8)

CW808 Media & Public Relations (Level 8)

Technological University Dublin

TU796 Creative Digital Media (Blanchardstown) (Level 7)

TU976 Photography (City Centre) (Level 8)

TU981 Creative Digital Media (Blanchardstown) (Level 8)

TU982 Creative Digital Media (Tallaght) (Level 8)

TU984 Game Design (City Centre) (Level 8)

TU986 Print Media Technology and Management (Level 8)

Institute of Technology Tralee

TL811 Computing with Games Development (Level 8)

TL711 Computing with Games Development (Level 7)

TL712 Computing with Digital Media (Level 7)

TL801 Animation Visual Effects and Motion Design (Level 8)

TL802 TV, Radio and New Media (Level 8)

Institute of Technology Sligo

SG232 Creative Design (Level 7)

SG245 Creative Design (Level 8)

SG249 Writing and Literature (Level 8)

Cork Institute of Technology

CR225 Photography with New Media (Level 8)

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

LY406 Photography (Level 6)

LY427 Digital Film and Video (Level 7)

LY437 Animation (Level 7)

LY457 Graphic and Digital Design (Level 7)

LY707 Computer Games Development (Level 7)

Waterford Institute of Technology

WD153 BSc in Multimedia Applications Development (Level 7)


On successful completion of the course, candidates who reach the required standard will receive the following award:
• QQI Level 5 Certificate in Creative Media – 5M5048

Applications are especially welcome from Mature Students



Moate Business College students are eligible under the same conditions that apply to any third level institution for the government paid maintenance grant.

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