Get Money Fit

North Dublin County
Price: € 70
Duration: 6 weeks
Part Time and Evening

Course description

Tutor:                              Mark Herman

Course Format:    3 classes in Malahide Community School (classes 1,4 and 6) and classes 2,3 and 5 will be remote classes.

Cost:                                  €70

Time:                                7.30-9.00pm

Duration:                    6 weeks


Easy simple steps to have more and get more from it

Forget “boring money” – this is practical, fun and there’s something for everyone in the audience!

From people in their 20s or 30s thinking of settling down, but bamboozled by pensions, mortgages and kids. Through all the money squeezes and balancing of middle-age life, right up to older people and the money changes retirement brings.

Plus, we’ll take a special look at how to recover from the financial impact of Covid 19.

This quick-hit course is just 6 weeks, with half the sessions done online in your own home.

You’ll be guided through the easy, simple steps to getting money fit:

·       Finding out where your money is going and making quick, valuable fixes.

·       Learning the 8 Pillars to Being Money Fit including Savings, Pensions, Mortgages, Insurance and more.

·       Writing your own Future Money Story of what you want and a plan to get it.

·       Setting money goals that matter and reaching them, with valuable tips and support.

You’ll get more money, by spending and saving smarter. More control by understanding and making great choices. And more happiness by knowing and getting what matters to you.

So, get your “trainers” on and take the first easy step by signing up right now!

Visit to see photos, activities and happy people who got money fit!


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