LM 051 – Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems

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Duration: 4 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: LM051 Advanced and highly sophisticated computer systems are an integral feature of life today. IN particular, software-intensive systems play an important role in many different problem domains usch as telecommunications, education and entertainment, business and finance, medical devices, automotive and aeronautical systems. Computer technology is often seen as the driving force behind these developments. * To develop the skills students will need in order to analyse a wide range of problem domains. In particular, it aims to develop the capacity to abstract and reason about systems. * To provide a sound understanding of the theory of computer science and the principles of software development. * To develop a sense of professionalism that will help graduates to apply their skills for the good of society. * To develop social and communication skills that will enable students to function successfully in organisations and teams. * Graduates in Computer Systems are well prepared to pursue higher degrees by research or through taught postgraduate programmes.