Language Classes for Kids (French/Spanish/Polish/German)

Language Classes for Kids (French/Spanish/Polish/German)

€ 130
10 weeks
Part Time and Evening
4pm - 6pm
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

Clonmel Tuition Academy offers language classes (French/Spanish/Polish/German) full of fun for children aged 5 to 12 years. Children have a natural ability to easily learn a foreign language. Research shows that children who learn a second language have a higher rate of success in their education and their subsequent adult careers. Speaking a foreign language provides children and students that competitive edge they will need for future college admission and job complement in our emerging global economy. 

At CTA participants will enjoy while learning a foreign language in a friendly atmosphere where everyone can gain a new experience different from their daily activities. This way the children's autonomy and personal development will be enhanced. These courses are designed to meet the creative learning needs of children. Games, songs, multimedia, and arts and crafts encourage children to develop their communication skills. This multicultural course includes teaching materials from Spain, France, Poland and Germany. Class duration is 1 hour. One class per week.

Class 1: Senior Infants, 1st Class, 2nd Class 
Class 2: 3rd, 4th Class and 5th and 6th Class