Kilroys College Online LearningKeyboard and Typing Skills – Diploma training course

Keyboard and Typing Skills – Diploma training course

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12 months
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Course description

Learning keyboarding is acquiring the most essential, indeed fundamental of office skills. By studying and completing this carefully devised course, doing the assignments as you proceed, you will derive maximum benefit being able to touch type for life.

This course is especially suited to a busy person who wants to acquire this skill as quickly as possible. When you have learned to master the keyboard accurately the following sequence of exercises will help you develop quality of display and speed covering a wide range of material. You will have a much better understanding of keyboard skills, be able to type by touch, not searching for spaces on the keyboard as you were before starting this course. You will be able to produce manuscripts, business letters, CVs and tabulation of financial reports.

Speed and accuracy with the minimum of fatigue is the main aim of this course. As there is a demand for accurate and well presented work there is the possibility of starting your own business when you have successfully completed this course.

Course Contents

* Unit 1 Making a Start

* Unit 2 Keyboard Proficiency

* Unit 3 Typing From Drafts

* Unit 4 Down to Business

* Unit 5 Letters

* Unit 6 Committee Work

* Unit 7 Special Aspects of Keyboarding

* Unit 8 Putting It All Together

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