ISO 17025 Internal Auditor

ISO 17025 Internal Auditor

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2 days
Job Skills and CPD
9am - 6pm

Course description


ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is applicable to all organisations performing tests or calibrations, including first-, second- or third-party laboratories that are aiming to develop their management system and have their competence accredited. This ISO 17025 Internal Auditor course begins by explaining the requirements of the latest 2017 edition of ISO 17025 which defines the requirements to establish a quality management system and how to demonstrate the technical competence to produce technically valid test or calibration results. It then focuses on developing the auditing skills necessary to equip delegates to perform an internal audit of a laboratory management system, assess and report on its degree of compliance and determine its degree of effectiveness.


Course objectives

  • Understand the underlying structure of ISO 17025:2017 and all elements of a Laboratory Quality Management System (LMS),
  • Understand principles of internal auditing, corrective and preventive actions,
  • Be able to plan, prepare, conduct and report a laboratory audit of internal laboratory procedures and processes to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements,
  • Know how to audit the transition from ISO 17025:2005 to ISO 17025:2017.


Course programme (what will you learn?)

ISO 17025 general (system) requirements:

  • QMS scope and policy and Quality Plan(s),
  • Organisation and management system,
  • Addressing confidentiality and impartiality,
  • Risk-based thinking and identification of risks and opportunities,
  • Documentation (manual and supporting procedures) and records,
  • Service to the customers,
  • Control of nonconforming work and complaints,
  • Internal audit, corrective and preventive actions,
  • Management review.

ISO 17025 technical requirements:

  • Selection of test and calibration methods and method validation,
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance,
  • Traceability to SI,
  • Sample preparation and handling,
  • Quality control,
  • Test and calibration reports.

Internal Audits of a Laboratory:

  • Audit Preparation – Planning, creating checklists / work documents,
  • Gathering Evidence – Interviewing/reviewing documents,
  • Reporting – evaluating findings and report writing.

Who should attend?

All laboratory or quality professionals who are involved in developing, establishing and maintaining an ISO 17025 Quality Management System. This may include laboratory managers, quality personnel, technical staff, consultants, and auditors of all types who want or need to learn better audit practices and an appreciation for the technical demands of ISO/IEC 17025.