Dunboyne College of Further EducationHigher National Diploma in Artist Development for Musicians

Higher National Diploma in Artist Development for Musicians

Further Education and PLC
Academic year Sept - May
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

• Year One: Pearson BTEC Higher National Certificate
in Music (Performance)
• QQI Level 5 Certificate in Music (5M2011)
• Year Two: Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in
Music (Artist Development)

Do you have a passion for music and songwriting? Do you want to elevate your skills and seize the numerous opportunities
that Ireland’s thriving music industry has to off er? The Higher Nationals in Music, an innovative and comprehensive
programme designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to excel in the global music environment.
This course goes beyond traditional classroom education by emphasising the practical nature of learning how to compose and
perform music. You will benefit from one-on-one coaching and mentorship from experienced industry professionals, helping
you refi ne your skills and talents.
Through collaborative projects and real-world scenarios, you will gain invaluable experience and insights into the music
industry, preparing you for a successful career as an artist or music professional.

Throughout the first year, you will delve into various
aspects of the music industry, learning about its structure,
history and contemporary landscape. You will gain
essential marketing and promotion skills, understanding
how to effectively showcase your talents and projects.
Our curriculum emphasises professional development,
equipping you with the tools and knowledge required to
excel in your music career.
As you progress through the first year, you will explore
applied music theory, enhancing your understanding
of the principles and techniques that underpin musical
compositions. The performance and instrumental
techniques modules will fi ne-tune your skills as a musician,
allowing you to express yourself confidently on stage and in
the studio.
The course also covers music production fundamentals,
offering a solid grounding in the technical aspects of
creating and recording music. Additionally, you will have
the opportunity to hone your songwriting skills, developing
your unique voice and style as a composer.

The following modules will be offered subject to availability
or demand and are subject to change:

• Applied Music Theory
• Instrumental Techniques
• Marketing and Promotion
• Music Production Fundamentals
• Performance
• Professional Development
• Songwriting
• The Music Industry

The second-year curriculum focuses on further refi ning
your skills as an artist, allowing you to develop advanced
performance techniques and create a compelling creative
portfolio. You will delve into the art of musical direction
and explore the practical applications of this crucial skill
in the music industry. You will also master advanced
composing techniques using technology and gain
proficiency in live arrangement skills.

• Advanced Composition Techniques
• Advanced Performance Skills
• Creative Portfolio
• Creative Research Project
• Developing as an Artist
• Live Arrangement Skills
• Musical Direction in Practice

With this qualifi cation, you will be well-prepared to explore
a multitude of roles in the music industry.
In addition to the diverse career options, the Higher
National Diploma in Music program off ers an industryfocused curriculum designed to meet the demands of
today’s music landscape.
The course emphasises practical learning, artist
development and collaboration, ensuring you are equipped
to face the ever-evolving world of music.

BIMM: TU961 Commercial Modern Music (Level 8, 4
years with Advanced Entry into Year 2 or
Year 3 possible)
BCFE: BA (Hons) in Media Production Management
(Level 8, 1 year, accredited by DCU)
Queen’s University Belfast: BMUS (Hons) in Music,
(Level 8, 3 Years with Advanced Entry into Year 2
DkIT: DK860 – Applied Music (Level 8, 4 years with
Advanced Entry into Year 2 possible)

At least one of the following:
• Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied or
• Mature Students
• Level 5 major award in a relevant area
• Other equivalent qualification
All applicants will be interviewed regardless of
previous qualifications and will be asked to complete
an audition (voice or instrument).

Apply directly at www.dunboynecollege.ie

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