Health and Safety Legislation

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Duration: 1 day
Job Skills and CPD
9am - 5pm
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Course description

Irrespective of the business of a company or organisation it has a statutory obligation under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 to organise its operations to ensure the safety, health and welfare at work of its workforce. This one-day course will enable participants to identify the implications of the Act and the associated General Application regulations and understand the nature of their health and safety responsibilities. The course covers the implications of the Act for employees and employers in terms of increased obligations for safety, increased powers for the HSA and substantially increased penalties for breaches of the legislation which potentially apply to ALL managers and supervisors. The course also covers legislation in all other specific areas such as exposure to chemicals, noise, vibration, construction, safety in industry and emergency response.
Course objectives
On completing this course the participant will:
Understand the structure of occupational health and safety legislation and its underlying principles,
Have a knowledge of EU and Irish health and safety legislation,
Understand the significance of health and safety legislation in relation to the planning and implementation of OHSAS 18001,
Be aware of basic steps to take to ensure legal compliance,
Know where to find further information on health and safety legislation. 
Course programme
Introduction to health and safety issues, structure and principles of health and safety legislation,
EU and Irish environmental legislation in the areas of:
 – The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005,
 – Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 and common workplace hazards (DSE, electricity, manual handling etc.),
 – Exposure to chemicals and handling, storage and transportation of dangerous substances (including CLP, the REACH Regulation, Carriage of Dangerous Goods etc.),
 – Noise and vibration exposure,
 – Safety in Industry,
 – Construction safety,
 – Emergency preparedness and response.
Legal case studies and interactive individual and group training exercises are used throughout the course to reinforce delegates’ learning. This includes identification of legal requirements specific to each attendee’s organisation. 
Who should attend
Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality officers and managers, Safety Representatives and personnel with health and safety responsibilities which includes all managers, directors and line management. 
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