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The GoMADandreg; Thinking System is a unique and innovative way to achieve personal and business success.
During your study time of eight to ten hours, you’ll learn how to make a huge difference to your private and professional life through self-development. All you need is a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, a deep belief in yourself and a desire to build your confidence.
This self-study learning programme is designed to be flexible, so it will fit easily with your existing work and home-life commitments. And as part of your training, you’ll complete a workbook which is yours to keep as a handy reference guide.
The GoMADandreg; course is split into eight modules. Having been introduced to the seven basic principles of the system and becoming familiar with the framework, you’ll move on to understanding your abilities and defining your goals. Among many other things you’ll cover gaining self-control, creating self-belief, taking responsibility for your actions, celebrating success and applying the GoMADandreg; System in the workplace.
For those of you with management aspirations, we also offer a course designed for new and aspiring managers called Personal Development.

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