CMI, Communications and Management InstituteCriminal Forensic Psychology Diploma

Criminal Forensic Psychology Diploma

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3 Months
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Criminal Psychology Diploma

Course Overview

Action packed 10 week live online class course.

Learn the fundamental principles involved in research and practice within Criminal Forensic Psychology.

You will learn Criminal Psychology methods, theories and concepts of psychology within the legal and criminal judicial system. These methods are mostly used for predicting the personality, behavioural, and demographic characteristics of an individual based upon an analysis of the crimes he or she has committed.  The nature of criminal behaviour is explored and the victimology of crime is described.


– Explore investigative psychology, criminal profiling, scene analysis, and racial profiling.

– Explain role of forensic psychologists.

– Explain geographical profiling, and geographical mapping.

– Explain competencies of criminal suspects and risk assessment instruments.

– Determine psychological competence and differences in delinquencies.

– Understand the psychological factors which impact upon eye-witness testimony

– Understand how criminal psychology can be useful to criminal investigations

– Investigate the types of offenders including male and female sex offenders.

– Recognise how forensic psychology can be assist criminals after conviction.


10 weeks, one night per week. Check availability Call 014927070 or

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