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Expert Scrum Master Certification

€ 690
180 days
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Course description

The Expert Scrum Master Certified (ESMC™) course is the highest standard for Scrum practitioners to further demonstrate their expertise in Scrum methodology.

It is ideal for those who are an expert in the SCRUM team and who want to handle complicated Scrum projects. This course will test your ability to manage complex Scrum projects and scale Scrum involving big project teams, programs and portfolios.

Course Aims

  • Learn the concepts, advantages, and challenges of the Scrum methodology.
  • Learn the knowledge needed to play the role of a Scrum Master in your organization and help your organization adopt Scrum methodology.
  • Develop an understanding of the other roles in Scrum.
  • Anticipate issues related to the practical implementation of Scrum.
  • Learn the proper tools to address, resolve, and take the lead on Scrum issues in their organizations.

To become an ESMC™ certified professional you must fulfil the following criteria:

Should have three years of experience managing Scrum/Agile Projects
Should be SMC®, SAMC™ and SPOC® certified.
Should submit 500 words write up about two Scrum/Agile projects.

Course content

  • Agile & Scrum Overview : Manifesto, Principles, and Methods
  • Intro to Scrum roles : Core roles and cross-functional teams,
  • Scrum Principles
  • Scrum Aspects
  • Scrum phases
  • Scaling scrum
  • Scrum mock project exercise
  • Agile overview
  • Domains of Agile practices
  • Agile Techniques
  • Comparison of Agile methods
  • Best fit analysis and Blitz planning

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