Excel for Business

North Dublin County
Price: € 90
Duration: 8 Weeks
Part Time and Evening
7:45 - 9:15pm

Course description

Tutor: David McLaughlin

Cost: €90

Duration: 8 weeks

Start Date: 01st February 2021

Class Time: 7.45-9.15pm

Note:  Please bring your own laptop with MS Excel. Access to a laptop is necessary as work files will be shared.

Course Format: This course will be taught face to face with the tutor in Malahide Community School


MS Excel is an extremely versatile tool and one that can be used effectively either for data gathering, analysis or presentation. Many admin or reporting requirements can be met solely though creative use of Excel and this course aims to show you techniques and tips to get the most out of your version of Excel whatever the size of your organisation.


Starting with the basics, linking cells, formulas, worksheets and workbooks. Using formulas, text formulas and basic statistics. Charting and charting across 2 data sets. Using excel as a database limitations and getting information as the data changes. Setting up Templates, restricting data entry to certain forms. Using lookups, Matching and Index functions. Pivot tables, charts and their uses. Logical testing (If…then functions) for checking. Cost modelling with Excel. Building a simple example budget solution for domestic use to see how the formula link, adding valuable data to the budget and seeing it change real time with scroll bars and other dynamic controls. Creating a small macro to automate repetitive tasks then saving the macro to the toolbar as a button.


Last but not least we will guide the student through some real life Excel solutions and help them with any excel challenges they need to find solutions for.


Registration is available by going onto www.malahidecsadulted.ie  and clicking on the ‘Enrol Here’ button



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