Moate Business CollegeDigital Marketing & Business

Digital Marketing & Business

1 Year
Further Education and PLC, Level 5 QQI
9.30 to 4 pm

Course description

The Digital Marketing and Business programme offers students the ideal combination of subjects to enable them to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to gain direct entry into the workplace in a digital marketing or business related role, or to progress to further or higher education.


• Leaving Certificate standard or QQI Level 4

• Mature students (23+) are welcome to apply


• Digital Marketing 5N1364

• Marketing Practice 5N1400

• Entrepreneurial Skills 5N1951

• Image Processing 5N1292

• Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised 5N1354

• Business Administration 5N1610

• Communications 5N0690

• Word Processing 5N1358

• Work Experience 5N1356


Career Opportunities

This course provides the basis from which a student may further his/her studies or find employment as a Social Media Executive in the Digital area. There are a wide range of

opportunities within the Digital Marketing sector including:

• E-Commerce

• Social Media Marketing

• Advertising

• Sales and Marketing

• Online Sales

• Public Relations


Awarding Body & Award Level: QQI Level 5
Award Title: Business Administration


Moate Business College

6M4985 Advanced Business with IT (Level 6)

6M5012 Advanced Tourism with Business (Level 6)

Athlone Institute of Technology

AL751 Digital Marketing (Level 7)

AL752 Business (Level 7)

AL850 Business (Level 8)

AL851 Business and Law (Level 8)

AL852 Accounting (Level 8)

AL853 Accounting and Law (Level 8)

AL857 Digital Marketing (Level 8)

Technological University Dublin

TU771 Business (Level 7)

TU775 Accounting and Finance (Level 7)

TU778 International Business (Level 7)

TU758 Digital Forensics and Cyber Security (Level 7)

TU781 Digital Marketing (Level 7)

TU863 Digital Forensics and Cyber Security (Level 8)

TU901 Business (Level 8)

TU913 Business and Information Technology (Level 8)

TU915 International Business (Level 8)

TU920 Digital Marketing (Level 8)

TU752 DNA and Forensic Analysis (Level 7)

TU774 Management (Level 7)

TU776 Accounting and Finance (Level 7)

TU779 International Business (Level 7)

TU780 Advertising & Marketing Communications (Level 7)

TU782 Digital Marketing (Level 7)

TU783 Marketing (Level 7)

TU908 Management (Level 8)

TU911 Accounting & Finance (Level 8)

TU916 International Business (Level 8)

TU919 Advertising & Marketing Communications ( Level 8)

TU921 Digital Marketing Technologies (Level 8)

TU923 Marketing Management (Level 8)

University College Cork

CK101 Arts (Level 8)

CK108 Arts International (Level 8)

CK109 English (Level 8)

CK118 Digital Humanities & IT (Level 8)

CK201 Commerce (Level 8)

CK203 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

CK212 Economics (Level 8)

CK301 Law (Pathways) (Level 8)

CK307 Law and Business (Level 8)

Institute of Technology Carlow

CW268 Computing in Interactive Digital Art Design (Level 8)

CW808 Media and Public Relations (Level 8)

CW837 Digital Marketing with Analytics (Level 7)

CW848 Digital Marketing with Analytics (Level 8)

CW908 Business (Options) (Level 8)

CW917 Business (Options) (Level 7)

CW938 Business with Law (Level 8)

Dublin City University

DC111 Business Studies (Level 8)

DC230 Economics Politics and Law (Level 8)

DC240 Marketing, Innovation & Technology (Level 8)

IADT Dun Laoghaire

DL701 Business – Applied Entrepreneurship (Level 7)

DL821 English, Media and Cultural Studies (Level 8)

DL823 Business Management (Level 8)

DL837 New Media Studies (Level 8)

DL840 Digital Marketing (Level 8)

Dundalk Institute of Technology

DK710 Business Management (Level 7)

DK711 Business and Technology (Level 7)

DK712 Digital Marketing & Public Relations (Level 7)

DK810 Accounting and Finance (Level 8)

DK816 Business Studies (Level 8)

DK861 Arts (Level 8)

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

GA170 Business (Level 7)

GA171 Business Information Systems (Level 7)

GA172 Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business (Level 7 – Mountbellew Campus)

GA174 Marketing and Sales (Level 7)

GA175 Finance (Level 7)

GA176 Business with Entrepreneurship (Level 7)

GA182 Business (Level 8)

GA183 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

GA184 Marketing and Sales (Level 8)

GA186 Business with Entrepreneurship (Level 8)

GA187 Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business (Level 8 – Mountbellew Campus)

GA384 Event Management with Public Relations (L8)

Institute of Technology Sligo

SG141 Business (Level 8)

SG142 Business in International Marketing and Sales with French (Level 8)

SG144 Business in International Marketing and Sales with Spanish (Level 8)

SG535 Business Administration (Level 7)

SG536 Business (Level 7)

SG537 Marketing and Sales (Level 7)

Limerick Institute of Technology

LC220 Digital Marketing (Limerick Campus) (Level 8)

LC225 Marketing and Management (Limerick Campus) (Level 8)

LC226 Enterprise & Innovation (Limerick Campus) (Level 8)

LC415 Business (Thurles Campus) (Level 7)

LC416 Business (Thurles Campus) (Level 8)

Maynooth University

MH101 Arts (Level 8)

MH411 Entrepreneurship (Level 8)

MH501 Law LLB (Level 8)

MH502 Law (Options) (Level 8)

National College of Ireland (NCI)

NC009 Business (Level 8)

NC020 Marketing Practice (Level 8)

National University of Ireland Galway

GY101 Arts (Joint Honours) (Level 8)

GY125 Arts (Digital Arts & Technology) (Level 8)

GY201 Commerce (Level 8)

GY206 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

GY209 Commerce (Global Experience) (Level 8)

GY250 Law and Business (Level 8)

University College Dublin

DN520 Arts (Level 8)

DN530 Humanities (Level 8)

DN600 Law (Level 8)

DN610 Business and Law (Level 8)

DN710 Economics (Level 8)

Waterford Institute of Technology

WD159 Business (Level 7)

WD193 Marketing & Digital Media (Level 8)

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