DC 203 – B.Sc. in Science Education (Bachelor Honours Degree)

Dublin City
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Duration: 4 yrs
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO Code: DC203 Contact: Dr Paul van Kampen, paul.van.kampen@dcu.ie Tel: +353 1 700 5023 Room: N143 Fee information The next generation of science teachers will shape the future. Science and technology are a vital part of our day-to-day existence, so having an understanding of science, even at a basic level, is important and valuable for everyone. A good understanding of science at secondary school allows us to really understand the science and science issues that are important to our society. As a science teacher this will be your opportunity to shape young minds and prepare them for a bright future. If the recent successes of the Irish economy are to be sustained, it is essential to provide our school leavers with the option of taking science and engineering courses in third-level education. A science teacher’s role is to develop our understanding of the world in which we live and educate future generations of scientists, engineers and technicians. Science Education will give you a teaching qualification with specialisation in two of chemistry, physics and mathematics, and strong elements of information and communication technology (ICT). Teachers with this degree are highly skilled and motivated and are much sought after in the second-level education system.