DC 200 – Common Entry to Engineering (Undenominated Entry)

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

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CAO Code: DC200 Minimum Requirements: Students who are unsure which Engineering course to study will find this course helpful in making their choice. After successful completion of this Common First-Year course, and based on exam results, you may choose to transfer to Year 2 of a specified Engineering programme. Contact: Ms Breda McManus, mcmanusb@eeng.dcu.ie Tel: +353 1 700 5131 Room: S348 Inventor, designer, creator Understanding Common Entry to Engineering (Undenominated Entry) Bachelor Honours Degree Of all the courses and careers you can pursue, engineering is one of the most exciting. Engineers invent and design things; they make things work. How do you think MP3 players, digital televisions, mobile phones and computers work? Or industrial robots or racing cars? As an engineer you will find yourself at the heart of the high-technology industry – the cutting edge, dynamic industry of tomorrow. Many students choose to go directly onto one engineering course. However if you are unsure of your choice of course, the Common Entry into Engineering (Undenominated Entry) option is specially designed to help you find the course most suitable for you while studying fundamentals of engineering. After the first year (common to all denominated engineering degrees), you can then pick the course you want to pursue, without restriction. Sufficient places on Year 2 are reserved for those who successfully complete the one-year Common Entry into Engineering course.