DC 171 – B.Sc. in Applied Physics (Bachelor Honours Degree)

Dublin City
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Duration: 4 yrs
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO Code: DC171 Contact: Ms Lisa Peyton, lisa.peyton@dcu.ie Tel: +353 1 700 5306 Room: N144 Fee information Applying Physics to realise tomorrow’s discoveries. Physics is the most fundamental of all the sciences and has fuelled most of the scientific and technological developments that we take for granted today. Apart from “basic” discoveries, such as electricity, physics is also the science behind “modern” technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones. Life-changing developments such as the silicon chip and MRI scanners were also pioneered by physicists. Today physicists continue to lead discovery, invention and innovation in revolutionary but yet-to-be-exploited physics such as quantum information and communications technology (q-ICT), nanosystems design, ultrafast molecular switching, terahertz medical imaging, etc. Applied Physics emphasises the “real-world” applications as well as providing a foundation in the basics of physics.