DC 120 – B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing (Bachelor Honours Degree)

Dublin City
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Duration: 4 yrs
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: DC120 B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing (Bachelor Honours Degree) Computing technology has penetrated every corner of the commercial and industrial world and is a key enabler in driving business innovation. It is the backbone of many organisations such as online banking, e-commerce and online auctions. The expertise needed to deploy technology solutions at the business front line involves an understanding of both technological possibilities and business needs. The B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing produces graduates trained to meet this need, giving them the foundation for a career combining IT management and business. A DEGREE FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER By studying for DCU’s B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing degree, you will benefit from the following: * DCU’s worldwide reputation for high-calibre computing graduates and consistently high graduate employment statistics * One year of paid work placement, either in Ireland or abroad, that gives you real-world experience and boosts your employment value, making you more desirable to employers who look for work experience * Prepares you for a professional career in computing that’s in high demand and transferable worldwide * Focus on practical aspects to prepare you for the world of business – lab work, group projects, presentations and communication skills, team-work, organisational skills, analytical skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are just some of the areas you will develop and strengthen * The opportunity to learn about the business world through study non-computing subjects, such as marketing, finance, business strategy and various elements of management and leadership. This will broaden your knowledge base and allow you to apply your skills in the commercial world * World-class computing facilities designed to enhance your learning experience * Major final year project – prepares you for the practical application of project management in future employment