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Software Development Level 5

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Sept to May
Further Education and PLC
One Academic Year

Course description

Ireland has an international reputation as a centre of excellence in Information Technology. Both multinationals and home-grown talent contribute to making technology one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Intel, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, AirBnB, PayPal, eBay and Twitter are just some of the tech giants established here. Although Ireland is the second largest exporter of computer and IT services in the world, 57 percent of Irish employers believe there is a skills shortage in the talent pool of potential employees (Morgan McKinley, 2019).

This full-time course is ideal for those considering further study in computer science and software engineering or those who simply wish to learn the basics of various computer applications.

This course offers QQI Level 5 certification, a qualification that enhances employment opportunities and can provide a pathway to Level 7 or 8 courses in Universities or Institutes of Technology.

Students who embark on this course also have the opportunity to progress to a Level 6 qualification in Software Development here at Moate Business College, which can provide advanced entry at second-year level to Software Development courses in some of the Institutes of Technology.


Leaving Certificate Standard or QQI Level 4
All mature students (23+) without these qualifications are welcome to apply
Course Content
Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming 5N0541
Games Analysis and Design 5N1651
Software Architecture 5N2772
Web Authoring 5N1910
Operating Systems 5N2928
Math for Information Technology 5N18396
Mobile Technologies 5N0580
Communications 5N0690
Database Methods 5N0783
Work Experience 5N1356
Note:  Modules may be subject to change
QQI Certification
On successful completion of the course, candidates who reach the required standard will receive the following award:

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Software Development (5M0529)

For more detailed information on progression routes log onto our website

Moate Business College

6M0691 Software Development (Level 6)

Athlone Institute of Technology

AL600 Software Design (Level 6)

AL601 Computer Engineering (Level 6)*+

AL605 Music and Instrument Technology (Level 6)

AL650 Higher Certificate in Business (Level 6)

AL701 Computer Engineering with Network Infrastructure (Level 7)

AL702 Software Design with Artificial Intelligence for Cloud Computing (Level 7)+

AL703 Software Design with Virtual Reality and Gaming (Level 7)+

AL704 Computer Engineering (Level 7)

AL705 Software Design (Mobile Apps & Connected Devices) (Level 7) +

AL712 Automation and Robotics (Level 7)

AL718 Music and Sound Engineering (Level 7) Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

GA171 Business Information Systems (Level 7)+

GA183 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

GA472 Architectural Technology (Level 7)+

GA483 Architectural Technology (Level 8)

GA570 Software and Electronic Engineering (Level 7)+

GA580 Software and Electronic Engineering (Level 8)

GA684 Engineering (Level 8)

GA774 Science (Level 7)+

GA775 Computing in Software Development (Level 7)

GA776 Computing and Digital Media (Level 7)+

Institute of Technology Carlow

CW206 Computing – Applications or Programming (Level 6)

CW207 Software Development (Level 7)+

CW208 Computer Games Development (Level 8)

CW217 Information Technology Management (Level 7)+

CW227 Cybercrime and IT Security (Level 7)+

CW237 Computing in Interactive Digital Art and Design (Level 7)+

Maynooth University

MH306 Robotics and Intelligent Devices (Level 8)

MH601 Computer Science through Arts (Level 8)

MH602 Computer Science through Science (Level 8)

National University of Ireland, Galway

(minimum 5 distinctions required) – All (Level 8)

GY124 BA (Arts with Data Science) (Level 8)

GY125 BA (Digital Arts with Technology) (Level 8)

GY133 Education (Computer Science and Mathematical Studies) (Level 8)

GY206 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

GY301 Science (Level 8)

GY303 Biomedical Science (Level 8)

GY304 Biotechnology (Level 8)

GY308 Environmental Science (Level 8)

GY310 Marine Science (Level 8)

GY314 Earth and Ocean Sciences (Level 8)

GY318 Biopharmaceutical Chemistry (Level 8)

GY319 Mathematical Science (Level 8)

Institute of Technology, Sligo

SG102 Higher Cert. Computing (Level 6)

SG131 Computing – Games Development (Level 7)

SG136 Computing – Software Development (Level 7)+

SG137 Computing (Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure) (Level 7)+

SG138 Computing (Level 7)+

SG246 Computing (Level 8)

SG250 Application Design and User Experience (Level 8)

SG251 Computing (Smart Technologies) (Level 8)

SG252 Software Development (Level 8)

SG253 Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure (Level 8)

SG300 Engineering (Level 6)

SG336 Precision Engineering and Design (Level 7)

SG337 Electronic and Computer Engineering (Level 7)

SG346 Construction Project Management and Applied Technology (Level 8)

SG444 Science (Level 8)

Limerick Institute of Technology

LC220 Digital Marketing (Level 8)

LC233 Software Development (Level 8)

LC234 Interactive Digital Media (Level 8)

LC235 Internet Systems Development (Level 7)+

LC236 Internet Systems Development (Level 8)

LC239 Computer Networks and Systems Management (Level 8)

LC270 Music Technology and Production (Level 7)

LC271 Electrical Engineering (Level 7)

LC279 Electronic Engineering (Level 7)

LC281 Automobile Technology (Level 6)

LC283 Precision Engineering (Level 7)

LC285 Mechanical Engineering (Level 7)+

Mechanical Engineering (Level 8)

LC330 Business with Computing (Level 8)

LC418 Computing – Games Design and Development (Level 8)

LC502 Game Art and Design (Level 8)

University College Dublin

(minimum 5 distinctions required) – All (Level 8)

DN201 Computer Science (Level 8)

DN240 Sustainability (Level 8)

IADT Dun Laoghaire

DL836 Creative Computing (Level 8)

DL839 Interaction and User Experience Design (Level 8)

Technological University Dublin

TU602 Computer Engineering (Level 6)*+

TU652 Computing (Level 6)*+

TU653 Computing (Information Technology) (Level 6)*+

TU655 Computing (Networking Technologies) [Learn and Work] (Level 6)

TU706 Electrical Services Engineering (Level 7)+

TU707 Electronic Engineering (Level 7)+

TU708 Engineering (Level 7)+

TU715 Engineering Software (Level 7)+

TU719 Design, Technology and Innovation (Level 7)+

TU756 Computing (Level 7)

TU758 Digital Forensics and Cyber Security (Level 7)+

TU759 Information Technology Management (Level 7)

TU777 Business and Information Technology (Level 7)+

TU803 Electronic Engineering (Level 8)

TU804 Engineering (Level 8)

TU806 Sustainable Energy Engineering (Level 8)

TU811 Product Design (Level 8)

TU814 Transport Operations and Technology (Level 8)

TU856 Computer Science (Level 8)

TU862 Computing with Data Analytics (Level 8)

TU865 Computing with IT Management (Level 8)

TU874 Mathematical Sciences (Level 8)

TU912 Business Analytics (Level 8)

TU914 Business Computing (Level 8)

TU984 Game Design (Level 8)

* This course is also available at Level 7

+This course also available at Level 8

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