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Certificate in Digital Media Design

12 months
Online Courses - Distance Learning

Course description

This course, which is fully online, offers students comprehensive knowledge, understanding, and skills across various digital media design principles and practices. The course covers topics such as digital media design theory, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, digital marketing, and digital animation.

Digital designers use their creativity and computer skills to produce design visuals that can be viewed on various mediums such as social media platforms, web-based services, digital billboards, multimedia presentations, advertising, digital marketing bulletins, and other specialized design services.

The main objective of the Certificate in Digital Design course is to provide students with a well-rounded balance of technical knowledge and theory in current digital, graphical, editorial, and digital marketing design. By providing a strong theoretical grounding, students can complement their practical skill-set, ultimately improving their overall capabilities as a creative practitioner. The course also aims to equip students with the necessary skills to research their target audience and understand the role of user research in the design process across different digital mediums. Entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial skills, behaviors, and attitudes are also emphasized throughout the course, and students are encouraged to consider design and media production issues from various cultural perspectives.

The course content includes digital visual communication, motion graphic fundamentals, branding and editorial design fundamentals, digital marketing design concepts, entrepreneurship for digital industries, and work placement for digital industries. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to use industry-standard image editing, vector editing, and desktop publishing packages, among other practical skills. The course also provides students with the opportunity to assess their personal growth and professional performance in the work environment through reflective practice.

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