PCI CollegeCBT for OCD and Health Anxiety

CBT for OCD and Health Anxiety

PCI College
Dublin City
€ 100
Online live interactive workshop
Job Skills and CPD, Workshops

Course description

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Health Anxiety Disorder (formerly known as hypochondria) are both in the spotlight at present due to the nature of the Coronavirus threat. The link is not just the level of the frequent handwashing that we are advised to do – that is only a relatively superficial type of connection, and mainly to certain subtypes of OCD.

The real connections lie in the fact that the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic is a threat that provokes a lot of anxiety in many people, especially because of the high level of uncertainty that goes with it, along with a low level of visibility. These are exactly the kind of themes we find in both disorders mentioned above.

This course is suitable for counsellors and psychotherapists, including those in training, who are interested in understanding more about how to work with these two specialised disorders – OCD and Health Anxiety. This course would also be suitable for those working in the allied health professions, such as GPs, nurses, social workers, who encounter these disorders in their workplace.

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