CAO Courses at Athlone IT

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Third Level and CAO

Course description

CAO Courses with Athlone Institute of Technology are offered at levels 6, 7 & 8. These are listed below..

Higher Certificates – Level 6 (2 years)

AL 600 Software Design HC + DG + HD
AL 601 Computer Engineering HC + DG + HD
AL 602 Mechanical Engineering HC + DG + HD
AL 604 Civil Engineering HC + DG + HD
AL 630 Pharmacy Technician HC + DG
AL 631 Dental Nursing HC + DG
AL 632 Applied Science HC + DG + HD
AL 650 Business HC + DG + HD
AL 651 Music and Instrument Technology HC + DG
AL 652 Business in Equine HC + DG
AL 660 Culinary Arts HC + DG + HD
AL 661 Bar Supervision HC
AL 663 Business (Sport and Recreation) HC + DG + HD

Ordinary Bachelor Degrees – Level 7 (DG) (3 years)

AL 701 ICT Engineering: Computer Eng or Network Mngt. or Electronic Communications DG + HD
AL 704 Computer Engineering* DG + HD
AL 705 Software Design with Mobile Apps and Connected Devices DG
AL 710 Mechanical Engineering* DG + HD
AL 711 Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy* DG + HD
AL 712 Mechatronics DG + HD
AL 713 Engineering (Common Entry to Mechanical, Renewable, and Mechatronic Engineering) DG + HD
AL 721 Civil Engineering* DG + HD
AL 730 Biotechnology* DG + HD
AL 731 Veterinary Nursing DG + HD
AL 733 Forensic Toxicology* DG + HD
AL 734 Pharmaceutical Sciences (Drug Development and Analysis)* DG + HD
AL 740 Exercise and Health Science DG
AL 751 Digital Marketing* DG + HD
AL 752 Business DG + HD
AL 761 Hotel and Leisure Management DG + HD
AL 763 Graphic Design Portfolio Required D G + H D
AL 764 Early Years Care and Education* DG + HD
AL 765 Applied Social Studies in Social Care* DG + HD

* Students who successfully complete Year 2 of this programme and who do not wish to progress to the third year, will receive a Higher Certificate Award subject to restrictions.

Honours Bachelor Degrees – Level 8 (4 years)

AL 801 Software Design with Virtual Reality and Gaming*
AL 802 Software Design with Cloud Computing*
AL 803 Software Design with Mobile Apps and Connected Devices*
AL 805 Network Management and Cloud Infrastructure*
AL 810 Quantity Surveying
AL 820 Mechanical and Polymer Engineering*
AL 830 General Nursing (If mature, see page 13 on CAO Handbook)
AL 832 Psychiatric Nursing (If mature, see page 13 on CAO Handbook)
AL 836 Health Science with Nutrition
AL 837 Sports Science with Exercise Physiology
AL 838 Biotechnology*
AL 839 Microbiology
AL 840 Pharmaceutical Sciences*
AL 841 Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy
AL 842 Bioveterinary Science
AL 843 Physical Activity and Health Science
AL 844 Toxicology and Analytical Science
AL 850 Business
AL 851 Business and Law
AL 852 Accounting (with optional placement)
AL 853 Accounting and Law
AL 855 Hospitality Management (with International placement)
AL 856 Food Business and Technology
AL 857 Digital Marketing*
AL 858 Business Information Systems
AL 860 Social Care Practice
AL 861 Animation and Illustration Portfolio + Interview Required
AL 862 Design, Technology and Innovation
AL 863 Graphic Design* Portfolio Required
AL 864 Early Years Care and Education
AL 870 Applied Psychology

* Students who successfully complete Year 3 of this programme and who do not wish to progress to the final year, will receive a Level 7 award subject to restrictions.


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