South Dublin County
€ 3900
3 weeks
Flexible Learning, Part Time and Evening
10am to 4pm

Course description

Balayage Brows is a special course at BeautyBoard that allows all Students to adopt the technique of gradual shading and Hair Strokes in order to achieve the most natural look of the eyebrows. All Students who successfully complete the course will have the opportunity to create perfect transitions from darker to light pigment inside the perfectly places hair strokes on the eyebrows. This allows clients to save time on doing make-up, and it is the reason why this course is so popular.

Balayage Brows is the perfect technique if you cannot decide if you rather like the look of natural hair strokes or the look of defined shaded in brows as this technique combines the best of both worlds. Softly shaded hair strokes that give you fullness and a defined look yet still with a natural finish.

The total for this Training is €3900 and a deposit will be required to reserve your spot. This includes a 2 Training Courses (Ombre Brows and Microblading) Also includes a PMU Machine, Needles , pigments and measurement tools .