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Course description

Administrative Assistant Diploma with Pitman Training

If you are interested in a career in an office environment Pitman Training runs a host of courses where you can acquire the required skills. The Administrative Assistant Diploma will equip you with the fundamentals regarding administrative duties and skills. If you are looking to start or continue your career in the areas of Administration Assistant, Secretarial worker or Office assistant then this course will suitably qualify you for these positions.

What the office Assistant Diploma at Pitman Training involves
During the training the focus is on acquiring the skills you will need to work in any office environment. An admin assistant is a pivotal role in any office. It requires that you are able to work independently, performing your own duties while on the other hand being able to take direction from those in higher positions. This position can be challenging especially for those starting out in the workforce. For this reason these types of soft skills such as The language of business module is given a strong emphasis, as the importance of how to perform well under these conditions is as important as the hard skills. Therefore you will acquire the necessary IT and internet skills to perform your solo tasks and the business lingo and knowledge to comfortably adapt to the office workplace.

Why choose Pitman Training

Whatever point of your career you are at, whether you are acquiring new skills or brushing up on existing ones, the Diploma will inform your employer of the type of skills you have and give them the confidence that you have the abilities to perform well in an office role. From the most prevalent software packages to creating intricate documentation the Pitman Administrative Assistant Diploma covers all the necessary skills and for many years has supplied people into the workplace that are fully equipped to become a valuable part of any administrative team. Pitman Training is widely recognised therefore you can feel secure that your qualification will be valued by your prospective employer, and to further aid you in your career path electives such as CV formation and techniques for successful interviews are also available. Due to Pitman Training having a huge array of courses for professional advancement and career progression you can easily develop your skills using the one provider.

Course details

The course has a flexible start date throughout the year. It can be completed online or in the centre or both. It takes place over 6 weeks full time or 150 hours. On completion you will be awarded 150 cpd points. There is a flexible payment schedule if you want to avail of this option or you can make a one off payment. There is also support with applying for funding to attend the course through your present company if you are using the course to upskill. Pitman Training also provides a free career consultation to aid you in making the best choice of courses in relation to whatever point of your career you are at.

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