A Career in Mentoring

A Career in Mentoring

A competent and qualified Life Coach or Mentor is a professional who helps clients navigate through challenging times (professional life, business life or life in general). People choose to go to a Life Coach/Mentor for a number of different reasons: to find their true destination, to achieve personal or professional success – in essence to actualise.

Maslow’s theory on motivation places self-actualisation at the top of what he sees as the hierarchy of needs. As a Psychologist, Maslow believed that human motivation is based on people seeking fulfilment and change through personal growth.  Maslow outlined how self-actualised people were those who are fulfilled and doing all they were capable of doing. In order to self-actualise; a person must grow, develop, or progress forward; all issues a Life Coach/Mentor can assist you with.

A professional qualification in mentoring equips graduates with many excellent people and coaching skills. It is the ideal qualification for those wishing to set up their own business but it is also a skill that is thought of highly by any employer. Having a qualified mentor in a company is a valuable asset and can often be a source of inspiration and guidance to other employees.

If this is an area that you are interested in; there are a number of courses to choose from. The College of Management and IT (CMIT) run both a Certificate and a Diploma course in Professional Coaching & Mentoring which is accredited by Institute of Leadership and management (ILM). This is a Distance Learning course which means regardless of your geographical location you can do this course without it affecting your current job, location etc.

Their advanced coaching course is suitable for those who wish to take responsibility for organisational coaching and mentoring; it is also recommended for those who wish to operate as freelance/professional management coaches and mentors. Participants will learn the relevant skills and competencies to develop coaching programmes and conduct professional coaching sessions – along with developing the necessary communication and listening skills in order to ascertain the issues the client presents with. Rapport building is another valuable skill that this course addresses. Their Diploma course leads to Level 6 award from the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland.

CMIT also offer students the chance to study and complete a Certificate in Life Coaching. This learning/training provider recognises that life coaching is a new and rapidly growing profession. The aim of this Life Coaching course is to ensure that the coach has all the necessary life coaching skills to guide the client in order for them to reach their full potential. This course is ideal for those who are considering a career as a Life Coach. It is also recommended for HR Specialists and those responsible for managing people who wish to develop their life coaching skills. If you are a counsellor, teacher or team coach you might wish to refresh or hone your skills in this area via this course.

Yes, the demand for life coaches will continue to increasing rapidly because of today’s demanding lifestyles and careers. In fact, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) forecasts that it will become more popular in the coming years. The International Career Institute recognises that there is and will be a shortage of qualified professionals in this area. Therefore, this is the ideal time to join and establish yourself in this exciting and rewarding industry.

ICI’s life coaching course is another example of a course which gives you the necessary competencies and skills to guide people as they search for personal fulfilment in the many different facets of their life. A career as a Life Coach can be very fulfilling because you accompany another in their journey as they improve as people and put goals into place to reach their personal and professional ambitions. Essentially, a Life Coach can bring out the best in a person by enabling them to reflect on their own issues in a safe and supportive space whilst enabling them to find their own solutions and establish their own goals.

PCI College runs a range of part time psychology and personal development courses. Many of these courses may be of interest to those interested in becoming a guidance professional. For more information view their Findacourse.ie page at www.findacourse.ie/pci-college-cg308.html

A helping career is an extremely rewarding area to be involved in. Career Coaching, Life Mentoring and Life Coaching are the perfect career matches for those people who wish to become involved in supporting and directing people to their appropriate life path; to set realistic goals; and to address obstacles that are preventing them from self-actualising. Unlike counselling (whilst counselling skills are required to ensure rapport is created and the client feels listened to), Mentors and Coaches, whilst paying attention to the client’s life story, remains solution focused in ascertaining the best way to overcome obstacles to move forward and help clients to become self-actualised.

Catriona Lowry

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