Choosing a Postgraduate Course

Choosing a Postgraduate Course

There are a lot of good reasons for choosing postgraduate study. Maybe you are working in a field that you currently enjoy but would like to broaden your career prospects. Maybe you would like to specialise and increase your knowledge in a particular field or perhaps even change direction and pursue a new career in a different field altogether. Whatever the reason you will be glad to hear that there are many different postgraduate options both in Ireland and overseas and study can be pursued on a full time or part time basis depending on circumstances.

Choosing between a research programme and a taught programme will usually depend on the area of study. Research Degrees are usually used in careers such as academia or science and demand a lot of initiative, as you must do most of the work yourself. Taught programmes consist mostly of lectures and usually a dissertation is required in the final phase.

It is said that the average person will change their career six times in their lifetime. So whether you’re changing from an engineer to a journalist or a nurse to a designer, the option of doing a conversion course could suit you. Conversion Courses are taught postgraduate courses that help you to ‘convert’ to a new discipline – or a new career.

Distance Learning gives students the chance to study postgraduate courses from the comfort of your own home. The courses, which are studied via the Internet (and usually some class time also) are becoming more and more popular in Ireland. They are perfect for someone who may work full-time and does not have the time to go back to college. Time spent commuting to and from college can now be spent studying with this cheaper, more flexible option. Universities such as NUI Galway offer a range of online and blended learning courses.

Almost half of all students studying postgraduate courses in Ireland are studying part-time. If you have just completed a four-year degree and want to get a full time job but still want to continue your education, then Part-Time postgraduate Study could be just for you. However, it can be time consuming and does require a lot of time and dedication. It could take up two evenings a week & may also involve weekend study.

Studying your postgraduate course in another country can be a very exciting option to consider. Nowadays, there is the option of studying in places as far away as Australia or if it’s a language your interested in then a trip to that country can be very appealing. One drawback is the expense that can be involved but the experience may be well worth considering if you can afford it.

Before deciding on a postgraduate course you should research what employers in your target sector look for – perhaps work experience rather than a postgraduate qualification would carry more weight. A postgraduate qualification can result in a higher starting salary and should ensure faster career progression.

Completing any postgraduate course can be a very good career boost and is an excellent networking opportunity. Your classmates are all interested in the same area, they often get work in related fields, you stay in touch and thus the beginnings of good work-related contacts are built.

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