Photography Course Dublin

Photography Course Dublin

Dublin City
€ 15 per class (60 for all four
Two hours per class over
Part Time and Evening

Course description

4 tutorials over two months.For each single class 15 euro; For whole 4 sessions 60 euro.Simple introduction of the workshopPoor man’s Photography. This workshop’s aim is to teach you how to take great photographs with whatever equipment you already have! For every class please bring your smart phones, or compact digital cameras, and also do feel free to bring your reflex! (single-lens reflex camera)!

First lesson

How to create your Point of View:Basically everything about photography for beginners (theory, history, technique)For this class you will learn:How to use your equipment better, whatever that may be.

Second lesson

Portrait PhotographyPlease bring one of your favorite portrait photo/image to the workshop or email to before the class, please just choose one, no matter it is :self portrait/ family portrait/ couple portrait/ pet portrait/ single portrait / group portrait/ fashion or political portrait pictures from the magazines or newspapers. For this class you will learn: Before the ‘cheese’: how to create great shots by relaxing your subject creating a natural portrait.How to take ‘ideal’ portrait photos for both the photographers and the models.

Third lesson

The sensibilities within your eyes: Still life photography, what is the ‘Still Life’ style?  Please bring a meaningful personal object to the lesson (eg an earring, a glove, a spoon, a plastic duck) After this class you will learn: To be brave and sincere to express your personal aesthetic sensibilities throughout the photography!

Fourth Lesson

Life model photography, A LIVE THEATRE EVENT We will have a life model in the scene, you will try to do a 5 minutes director with your equipment and the model. For this class you will learn:’Senza pelle’  is a very poetical Italian phrase that means ‘without skin’. It means someone is physically and mentally nude and honest in front of others, and this class would teach people to see something beyond the skin.