LC Irish – Preparation course for Leaving Certificate examination in Irish

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Duration: 12 months
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Course description

Our Leaving Certificate Irish students receive excellent, comprehensive notes with all the examination topics covered in detail, nothing is left to chance.

This Irish Leaving Certificate course is a perfect, flexible option for anyone needing Honours Irish, e.g. anyone wishing to qualify as a primary teacher. Continuous written assignments are corrected and graded so as our Irish students can see real progress being made. Constructive feedback from our expert tutors will increase student's determination to succeed.

Written examination practise gives our Irish Leaving Certificate students the vital edge on examination day as we believe that perfect practise makes perfect. Remember our quality course materials and step by step type tuition, with expert Leaving Certificate tutors, together make studying for the Leaving Certificate with Kilroy's College an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Course Contents

Ordinary level and Higher level

* Unit 1: Gramadach: Rialacha tandaacute;bhachtacha gramadaandiacute;

* Unit 2: Gramadach: An briathar saor, briathra neamhrialta,…

* Unit 3:  Gramadach: Liosta de na forainmneacha randeacute;amhfhoclacha

* Unit 4: Gramadach: An t-ainm briathra

* Unit 5: Gramadach: Na canduacute;ig dandiacute;ochlaontaandiacute;

* Unit 6: Scranduacute;danduacute; Cainte Beannanduacute;, Oscailt, Landeacute;itheoireacht, Ceisteanna le freagairt. Cleachtadh

* Unit 7: Scranduacute;danduacute; Cainte Ceisteanna comandoacute;nta. Ceisteanna le freagairt. Cleachtadh

* Unit 8: Gramadach: na haidiachtaandiacute;

* Unit 9: Gramadach: An t-ainm teib, na rangbhandaacute;lacha

* Unit 10: Gramadach: na dobhriathra

* Unit 11: An Canduacute;rsa Filandiacute;ochta


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