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Google Cloud Digital Leader course

12 Months
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Course description

Course Details
This Google Cloud Leader course is targeted towards business professionals such as marketers, C-Level and sales teams. A Cloud Digital Leader can articulate the capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they benefit organisations. The Google Cloud Leader course can also describe common business use cases and how cloud solutions support an enterprise.

After completing the Google Cloud Leader course learners will understand how to perform the following tasks or have the proper discussions:

  • Explain what cloud technology is and the top reasons the cloud era is revolutionising business
  • Craft an ideal transformation challenge for your organization Identify components of a security program to build into your transformation journey
  • Build a business case and summary page for your overall transformation project using the templates provided
  • The Google Cloud Leader course certification exam is job-role agnostic and does not require hands-on experience with Google Cloud.


Who should complete this Google Cloud Leader course?

  • Marketers, Digital Professionals and eCommerce leaders and managers.
  • Anyone who wishes to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud computing basics and how Google Cloud products and services can be used to achieve an organisation’s goals.


Topics covered in this Google Cloud Leader course

Module 1 – Google Cloud Leader Course Overview

About Google Cloud Digital Leader
Course and Instructor Intro
Course PreReqs
GCP Certification Overview
GCP Digital Leader Exam Objectives

Module 2 – General Cloud Knowledge

General Cloud Knowledge
Domain Objectives
Intro to Cloud Computing
Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing
Service Models
Deployment Models
Automation and Orchestration
Vendor Lockin
Cloud Standards
OpEx, CapEx
Business Enablers
Section Summary and Review Questions

Module 3 – General Google Cloud Knowledge

General GCP Knowledge
Domain Objectives 3.2 GCP Overview
Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Hierarchy
Project Demo
Whiteboard Hierarchy and Projects
Service Options
Demo – Services Overview
Pricing Calculator
Demo – Pricing Calculator
Billing models and Discounts
Demo Billing
Compliance Resources
Demo – Compliance Reports Manager
Support Options
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Google Cloud Framework and Maturity Model
Demo – Maturity Assessment
Access to GCP
Section Summary and Review Questions

Module 4 – Google Cloud Products and Services

Google Cloud Products and Services
Domain Objectives
Core Services
Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Bare Metal
Compute Storage and Disk Options
App Engine, Google Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run
Google Kubernetes Engine
Demo Compute Services
Container registry
Cost and Performance Tradeoffs of Scale To Zero
Database Options – Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, BigQuery
Demo – Database Offerings
Vision API, AI Platform, TPUs
Pre Trained Models
Data Pipeline Offerings
Data Ingestion Options
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Visibility and Alerting Offerings
Identify Data Migration Options
Compute VM Migration
Whiteboard – Migrations
Application Modernization
Define Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
Connectivity Options
Whiteboard – Connectivity
IAM and Security
Whiteboard Cloud Architecture
Section Summary and Review Questions

Module 5 – Google Cloud Digital Leader Course Closeout

Google Cloud Digital Leader Course Closeout
Course Review
Exam Overview
Course Closeout

Once you successfully pass the Google Cloud Leader course, you will receive a CMIT Certificate in Google Cloud Computing.

Technical Requirements
Broadband internet connection of at least 10Mbps.
Browser – we recommend Chrome or Safari for Tablet or Apple Mac; and Firefox or Internet Explorer for PC hardware.
Operating System – PC (Windows 7 or later), Mac or Android.

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