North Dublin City
Price: on request
Duration: 12 weeks
Part Time and Evening

Course description

The ECDL syllabus offers a comprehensive study programme suitable for anyone new to computers who would like to gain a good understanding of how PCs work and how to use popular software programs. The primary subject areas are Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations. Additionally you will learn about operating a PC, using the internet and sending emails. If you wish to study ECDL as part of a personal job-search programme we recommend you also study at least one of the Pitman Training Keyboarding courses to ensure you develop a good typing speed.

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Keeping Ahead of Covid-19

Ireland is now in Phase 3 of the government’s road-map for reopening society and business. Most businesses, services and cultural activities have now re-opened. You are now also allowed to travel throughout the country. With the reopening of society, it is important to remember that Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease. Physical distancing, hand hygiene and protective measures should continue to be maintained at all times..