DT 365 – Business and Management

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT365 Programme Description This programme will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a challenging business career. Leading edge business thinking is addressed throughout in the context of best contemporary practice. Students will enjoy diverse learning experiences including business case studies, industry project work, in-company internship and one of the most advanced e-learning platforms in Ireland. Students also have the opportunity of studying abroad in year three. The programme offers a typical BComm/BBS framework with a broad business curriculum. It provides a foundation in year one and in-depth studies in year two. Years three and four have a strong core of management and strategy studies and students will have the opportunity to focus their studies through choosing a concentration if they so wish in one of the following areas: • Human Resource Management • Marketing • Accounting and Finance • Enterprise/Start your own business • Logistics/Supply Chain Management Students have the option of a fi ve month work placement or of studying abroad in third year. Career Opportunities Graduates of the programme will have an exciting variety of career options. Main career paths will be in the following areas: • Management • Marketing Management including Advertising, Marketing • Research, Product Management and International Marketing • Accounting and Finance including Financial Services • Human Resource Management • Enterprise including the option of starting your own business • Logistics/Supply Chain Management Through its emphasis on strategic management, the programme is designed to prepare graduates for senior management positions as their career progresses. Study Abroad Option In Year 3: (a) Two Semesters (i.e.) full academic year in European Institutions in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. In all cases lectures are in the English language. (b) A small number of places are available in the US and Canada.