DT 028 – BSc(Hons) Degree in Transport Operations and Technology

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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT028 Transport is a service industry involving the efficient movement of people and goods. It is of vital importance to the national economy. This course, leading to a Bachelor of Science (Hon) Degree in Transport Technology [Course Reference: DT028], is interdisciplinary and embraces the fundamental principles and applications of technology, business and the management sciences in order to provide a solid foundation for the management of transport systems. Course Aims: The main objective of the course is to produce a graduate capable of solving problems and making informed decisions in a modern technologically sophisticated transport industry. Such a graduate will require: * A detailed knowledge of the transport industry; * A thorough understanding of the technology of transport; * The skills and knowledge required to manage people and other resources; * Communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Duration of Course: The Bachelor of Science (Hon) Degree in Transport Technology [DT028] is a whole-time course of four year’s duration. Each year’s session will commence in mid-to-late September and lectures will be taken for approximately 27 weeks. Career oppurtunities: There are many career opportunities for graduates in all branches of transport, in both the private and public sectors. On completion of the course, graduates will be suitably qualified for a career in the transport industry where they will be able to apply and use the knowledge and skills gained on the cours. Location: DIT Bolton St Entry Requirements The Leaving certificate in six subjects at least two of which must be at grade C3 or higher on higher-level papers. Mathematics must be at a minimum of grade C3 at ordinary level. Irish or English must also be included.