DL 821 – BA (Honours) in English, Media and Cultural Studies

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Duration: 4 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

English, Media + Cultural Studies is a unique and exciting degree that combines the study of literature with film and television studies. Beyond this you will explore culture and gain insight into how it effects our daily lives. You will study a wide range of literary works, media texts, film, television and visual cultures. If you are interested in a career in Journalism, Teaching, Human Rights Law, International Politics, Trade Unionism or Broadcasting, these are just a few of the career paths open to our graduates. If you are passionate about literature and the media, this degree will give you the opportunity to develop your media literacy and refine your ability to make critically reasoned arguments.


What will I do?

Study a range of literary works, looking at their history, genre and themes.

Explore the development of film and television, and learn how to analyse them.

Examine the connections between the literature, cinema and television.

Develop skills in critical and analytical thinking.

Broaden your knowledge of Culture.

Investigate the relationships between representation, culture and politics.

Learn to write for different for forms and different media.


What modules will I study?

Year 1
Modern English Literature | Introduction to Critical Theory | Introduction to Cinema + Cultural Studies | Introduction to Media Studies | Visual Culture | Introduction to Urban Literatures | Learning Journal | Dramatic Writing.

Year 2
Critical Theory | Documentary + Film | Political Economy + Globalisation | 19th Century Literature | Tragic Theatre | Popular Cultures | Writing for Multiple Media Platforms | Genres of Popular Fiction.

Year 3
20th Century Irish Writing | James Joyce | Cultural Identities | Contemporary Cinema | Research Methods | Modernism | TV Drama | Work Employment + Society | Research Proposal Development.

Year 4
Media + Cultural Identity in Ireland | Contemporary Literature | Censorship + Control | Politics + Public Cultures in Ireland | Dissertation.


Sample of elective modules: Postmodernism | American Literature | Technology + Cultures | Non Western Cinema | Gothic + Horror | Visual Cultures + Political Violence.


Read more on: http://www.iadt.ie/courses/english-media-cultural-studies

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