CR 365 – Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology (BSc Honours)

Cork City
Price: -
Duration: 4 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

The protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development are central to the national and global economies. As the world’s industries and markets become greener, the need for scientists who specialise in environmental science and sustainable technology will continue to grow. The aim of this course is to produce graduate scientists for a range of interesting careers within the smart green economy. This degree is recognised by the Institute of Physics. Graduates of recognised degrees qualify for Associate Membership upon graduation and may apply for full Membership after appropriate work experience.
This programme provides a comprehensive foundation in the physical sciences of physics and chemistry with other modules in mathematics, instrumentation, computer technology and biology. There is a continual green ethos throughout the programme to stimulate graduates to become champions of sustainability by the provision of green technical and green managerial modules. There are modules covering recycling, reduction, reuse, water quality and air quality to ensure that graduates are fully up to date with the legal, economic and technical aspects of these key topics. In addition to the scientific and technical modules there are a number of modules to develop competences in report writing, presentation skills, communication skills, research and team work. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on enquiry and project-based learning throughout the programme to encourage enterprise, independent learning and innovation. In the final year of the programme there is a major project in the area of environmental science and sustainable technology.