South East Technological University in Ireland - SETU

CAO Courses with SETU

Carlow, Waterford, Wexford
Third Level and CAO

Course description

The following is a list of CAO courses available through the CAO for South East Technological University, grouped by category;

Arts and Design

SE200 Arts [Waterford]
SE201 Design (Visual Communications) [Waterford – College Street]
SE202 Product Design Innovation [Carlow]
SE203 Visual Art [Waterford – College Street]
SE204 Visual Communications and Design [Wexford]
SE206 Music (audition) [Waterford – College Street] (Restricted)
SE207 Art (portfolio) [Wexford – Hill Street]
SE208 TV and Media Production [Carlow]
SE209 Design [Carlow]
SE210 Visual Communications and Design [Wexford]
SE211 Art (portfolio) [Wexford – Hill Street]
SE212 TV and Media Production [Carlow]

Business and Law

SE400 Business – with/without a language [Waterford]
SE401 Business [Carlow]
SE402 Business [Wexford]
SE403 Business with Law [Carlow]
SE404 Law (LLB) [Waterford – College Street]
SE405 Law (LLB) [Carlow]
SE406 Criminal Justice Studies [Waterford – College Street]
SE407 Accounting [Carlow]
SE408 Accounting [Waterford]
SE409 Public Relations and Media [Carlow]
SE410 Marketing and Digital Media [Waterford]
SE411 Digital Marketing with Analytics [Carlow]
SE412 International Business [Waterford]
SE413 Business Information Systems [Waterford]
SE414 Business [Carlow]
SE415 Business [Waterford]
SE416 Business [Wexford]
SE417 Public Relations and Media [Carlow]
SE418 Digital Marketing with Analytics [Carlow]
SE419 Fashion Buying and Retail Management [Waterford]
SE420 Business (campus options) [Carlow or Waterford or Wexford]
SE421 Business with Law [Carlow]
SE422 Legal Studies [Waterford]
SE423 Legal Studies [Carlow]

Science and Agriculture

SE500 Science [Carlow]
SE501 Science [Waterford]
SE502 Agricultural Science [Waterford]
SE503 Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness [Wexford]
SE504 Pharmaceutical Science [Waterford]
SE505 Forestry [Waterford]
SE506 Horticulture [Waterford – Kildalton]
SE507 Horticulture [Dublin – Natnl Botanic Gardens]
SE508 Agriculture [Waterford]
SE509 Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness [Wexford]
SE510 Food Science [Waterford]
SE511 Pharmaceutical Science [Waterford]
SE512 Science [Waterford]
SE513 Analytical Science [Carlow]
SE514 Molecular Biology with Biopharmaceutical Science [Waterford]
SE515 Biosciences [Carlow]
SE516 Science – Applied Biology or Applied Chemistry [Carlow]
SE521 Brewing and Distilling [Carlow]

Computing and Information Technology

SE600 Computer Science [Waterford]
SE601 Information Technology Management [Carlow]
SE602 Computer Forensics and Security [Waterford]
SE603 Software Development [Carlow]
SE604 Software Systems Development [Waterford]
SE605 Creative Computing [Waterford]
SE606 Cyber Crime and IT Security [Carlow]
SE607 Computer Games Development [Carlow]
SE608 Computing in Interactive Digital Art and Design [Carlow]
SE609 Software Development [Carlow]
SE610 Software Systems Development [Waterford]
SE611 Creative Computing [Waterford]
SE612 Cyber Crime and IT Security [Carlow]
SE613 Information Technology [Waterford]
SE614 Information Technology Management [Carlow]
SE615 Computing in Interactive Digital Art and Design [Carlow]
SE616 Computing – Applications or Programming [Carlow]
SE618 Computer Games Programming [Carlow]

Engineering and Built Environment

SE700 Engineering [Waterford]
SE701 Architecture [Waterford – Granary]
SE702 Architectural Technology [Carlow]
SE703 Architectural and Building Information Modelling Technology [Waterford – Granary]
SE704 Quantity Surveying [Waterford]
SE705 Quantity Surveying [Carlow]
SE706 Construction Management [Carlow]
SE707 Construction Management and Engineering [Waterford]
SE708 Electronic Systems [Carlow]
SE709 Biomedical Electronics [Carlow]
SE710 Robotics and Automated Systems [Carlow]
SE711 Mechanical Engineering [Carlow]
SE712 Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering [Waterford]
SE713 Civil Engineering [Carlow]
SE714 Aerospace Engineering [Carlow]
SE716 Architectural Technology [Waterford – Granary]
SE717 Architectural Technology [Carlow]
SE719 Civil Engineering [Carlow]
SE720 Electrical Engineering [Waterford]
SE721 Electronic Engineering [Waterford]
SE722 Electronic Engineering [Carlow]
SE723 Mechanical Engineering [Waterford]
SE724 Mechanical Engineering [Carlow]
SE725 Manufacturing Engineering [Waterford]
SE726 Construction Management [Carlow]
SE727 Biomedical Electronics [Carlow]
SE728 Robotics and Automated Systems [Carlow]
SE729 Aircraft Systems [Carlow]
SE730 Electronic Engineering [Waterford]
SE731 Mechanical Engineering [Waterford]
SE732 Agricultural Systems Engineering [Carlow]
SE733 Agricultural Systems Engineering [Carlow]
SE734 Set Design and Construction [Carlow]
SE735 Set Design and Construction [Carlow]

Health, Sport and Social Sciences

SE205 Psychology [Waterford]
SE900 Health Sciences [Waterford]
SE901 Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy [Carlow]
SE902 Exercise Sciences [Waterford]
SE903 Strength and Conditioning [Carlow]
SE904 Sports Coaching and Performance [Waterford]
SE905 Sport and Exercise Science [Carlow]
SE906 Recreation and Sport Management [Waterford]
SE907 Sports Management and Coaching (Gaelic Games – portfolio) [Carlow]
SE908 Sports Management and Coaching (Rugby – portfolio) [Carlow]
SE909 Sports Management and Coaching (Football – portfolio) [Carlow]
SE910 Sport, Business and Coaching [Carlow]
SE911 Early Childhood Care and Education [Waterford – College Street]
SE912 Early Childhood Education and Practice [Wexford]
SE913 Early Childhood Education and Practice [Carlow]
SE914 Psychiatric Nursing [Waterford]
SE915 General Nursing [Waterford]
SE916 Intellectual Disability Nursing [Waterford]
SE917 Applied Social Studies in Professional Social Care [Wexford]
SE918 Professional Social Care Practice [Carlow]
SE919 Social Care Practice [Waterford – College Street]
SE920 Social Science [Waterford]
SE921 Hospitality Management [Waterford]
SE922 Tourism and Event Management [Wexford]
SE923 Culinary Arts [Waterford]
SE924 Tourism and Hospitality Services [Waterford]
SE925 Tourism and Event Management [Wexford]
SE926 Professional Social Care Practice [Carlow]
SE927 Applied Social Care [Waterford – College Street]
SE928 Applied Health Care [Waterford]
SE929 Sport Coaching and Business Management (Gaelic Games – portfolio) [Carlow]
SE930 Sport Coaching and Business Management (Rugby – portfolio) [Carlow]
SE931 Sport Coaching and Business Management (Football – portfolio) [Carlow]
SE932 Sport, Business and Coaching [Carlow]
SE933 Recreation and Sport Management [Waterford]
SE934 Early Childhood Education and Practice [Wexford]
SE935 Early Childhood Education and Practice [Carlow]
SE936 Physiology and Health Science [Carlow]
SE937 Pharmacy Technician Studies [Carlow]
SE938 Culinary Arts [Waterford]