Better Business Letters

Course description

This one-day Better Business Letters seminar is perfect for anyone who needs to improve their business writing skills. You will concentrate on developing the skills required to create the perfect business letter. The seminar is perfect for anyone who writes as part of their job but who feels they could improve their skills, or gain confidence in their writing style.
It will help you;

Learn the basics of grammar, spelling and punctuation as they apply to business letters
Develop the skills necessary to write letters that get results
Develop the ability to create clear, concise and targeted business documents for effective impact 
Express yourself persuasively using plain English and the right tone
Develop accuracy, brevity and clarity and ensure that the right tone and style is adopted when writing business letters
Ensure the ‘look’ of the letter is right
Plan and sequence a letter effectively
Produce your first draft quickly
Develop the skills needed to write letters in response to complaints and learn how to write letters for results.

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