AL 660 Higher Certificate in Arts – Culinary Arts

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Duration: 2 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

This Higher Certificate in Arts – Culinary Arts is ideal for those with a passion for food and who wish to take that interest to the next level. Previous culinary arts students at AIT have gone on to make their mark in restaurants and hotels as far flung as Beijing and London, while many more are to be found closer to home in the Midlands. You could be the next one to make your mark in the kitchen.
The course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and competence necessary for a career in the culinary arts sector. This will be achieved by providing you with the essential practical skills and academic knowledge required of modern day professionals working in kitchen environments. Practical demonstrations and hands-on food preparation and production methods are an integral part of the course. You will get to prepare and cook dishes for a meal service in a realistic working environment, within a production kitchen, and will experience time deadlines associated with a working kitchen in industry.
You will be exposed to international cuisine; gain experience of producing breads, gateaux, pastries and desserts; while understanding and applying cost and quality control procedures to the food you are preparing. Food safety and hygienic work practices form an integral part of the course, while you will also develop your knowledge of the principles of nutrition in foods.