AL 654 Accounting Technician

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Duration: 2 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

Accounting and information systems are vital to the success of every organisation. The accountant’s job is to provide information, usually financial, to enable management solve problems and make informed decisions. While accounting technicians are not accountants, many qualified technicians use their qualification as a stepping-stone towards full professional status. As an accounting technician, you will work with qualified accountants in business, industry, private practice and the public sector.
This two-year qualification prepares you for the examinations of Accounting Technicians Ireland. Upon qualification, you will have learned how to prepare financial statements and financial reports, as well as other management information. You will have covered how to compute tax liabilities for companies and individuals, set up and manage systems for budgets, stock control, cost accounting, cash reconciliation, etc. You will be able to establish and manage credit control procedures and to use computers effectively in a business environment.