Advanced Animal Science Level 6

Animal Science 6M5153 WHAT WILL I STUDY? Animal Science; Animal Behaviour; Team Leadership; Work Experience; […]
Further Education and PLC, Level 6 QQI

Animal Science Level 5

WHAT WILL I STUDY?    Animal Care 5M2768    Animal Welfare; Animal Grooming; Animal Behaviour; […]
Further Education and PLC, Level 5 QQI

Other Courses in Animal Care Category

Animal Care Assistant 5M2768

CERTIFICATION • Level 5 Animal Care 5M2768 • Canine First Aid WHAT IS ANIMAL CARE? This one-year course is designed to give students an introduction to the world of animal care and grooming. This course is designed to provide a combination of practical and theoretical tuition in all aspects of[...]

Advanced Animal Science 6M5153

CERTIFICATION • Level 6 in Animal Science 6M5153 WHAT IS ADVANCED ANIMAL SCIENCE? If you hold a QQI Level 5 related award in areas such as Animal Care Assistant, Equine Studies or Equine Breeding, then why not take the opportunity to undertake further studies in Advanced Animal Science. This award[...]

Professional Dog Grooming Assistant Certificate

The Professional Dog Grooming Assistant Certificate course has six modules, which include: Module 1 – Introduction to Dog Grooming, Dog Anatomy and Breed Identification Module 2 – Introduction to tools, the grooming room and your set up Module 3 – Dog coat types, skin problems, and brushing patterns Module 4 –[...]

Introduction to Professional Dog Care Certificate

This course contains four modules, which include: Module 1 – The Evolution and Domestication of Pet Dogs This course will look at where dogs originally came from, why they were domesticated, what that means in relation to pack mentality and care, and where todays breeds and breed groups came from.[...]