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CompTIA Cloud Essentials

About this course In recent years understanding of Cloud computing has been growing and as knowledge of the Cloud computing concept develops, many companies are seeing the benefits of the Cloud as it can reduce the cost and offer enhanced flexibility and increased storage. This CompTIA Cloud Essentials is an[...]

Generative AI in SAP – Video-Based Course

6 sections • 18 lectures • 1h 20m total length Overview - What you will learn Generative Al in SAP Narrow Al and Strong Al Symbolic and Probabilistic Al Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning Self Supervised Learning Foundation level, LLM, Generative AI Impact of Al on Jobs SAP AI - SAP[...]

Augmented and Virtual Reality 5M5048

CERTIFICATION • Level 5 Creative Media 5M5048 WHAT IS AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY? This one-year course will aim to offer students an introduction to the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality, providing students with the knowledge and skills to develop, design and evaluate immersive experiences with virtual, augmented and mixed[...]

MS Excel – Macros

A 10 week course covering the fundamentals of programming with Excel VBA.  Since its release, Excel has come with a complete programming language and development suite installed with it. And with this programming we can build programs (Macros)  that can automate the most simplest of tasks. These programs can be attached to[...]