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Accounting Courses

    Accounting and Business Courses in Ireland

    Whether you want to balance your own books or launch an international fraud investigation, accountancy is among the most practical skills for everyday life. It can also of courses lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

    Generally, accounting is the process in which the financial information of any organisation is communicated. Management accounting reports financial information to people involved with the day to day running of businesses. This allows for more informed management or operating decisions. Financial accounting provides information to people outside the business including information to shareholders, banks, and government agencies. Financial accounting is heavily regulated by both local and international accounting standards and laws.

    Course Options

    All accountancy courses, regardless of level, will develop the quantitative, computational, and analytical skills required within this discipline. Introductory courses in accounting concentrate on the basic managerial and financial accounting concepts. For example, those offered at Community Schools focus predominantly on bookkeeping for either individuals or small businesses. Such courses can include the tracking of debits and credits, balancing accounts, and tax returns. Many private colleges also offer introductory courses.

    Kilroy’s College offers a distance education diploma course for beginners in accounting and bookkeeping that focuses on practicalities such as understanding ledger accounts and business planning. Kilroy’s College also offer several courses that focus on accountancy for specific employment groups such as the self-employed and farmers.

    Although it isn’t always necessary, many accountants have degrees. A three or four year degree course in accounting will build upon the introductory concepts. Topics of study may include information systems; including information flow in electronic information systems, and electronic financial transactions. Differences between management and financial accounting concepts are investigated, and there is emphasis on, among other topics, financial transaction analysis, preparation of more complex financial statements, legal requirements, professional ethics, as well as tax concepts and tax planning strategies.

    Some degree courses specialise in specific areas such as Griffith College in both Cork and Dublin, which offers a three year Accounting and Finance degree and in the later years concentrates on the impact of EU Law on accountancy. Each of the Universities offers degrees in accounting and offer opportunity for specialisation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    If you are more interested in the payroll aspect of accounting or if working in this field then Payroll training courses may be a more suitable option. The Irish Payroll Association (IPASS) is Ireland ‘s premier provider of Payroll Training, PAYE Training, PRSI Training, VAT Training, qualifications and is the only representative body for payroll professionals in Ireland. Courses are offered countrywide and take place at several intervals throughout the year.

    While accounting graduates commonly work in financial services, marketing and administrative fields, career opportunities can be found in every corner of the globe, at every level of business, and in every specialty. Anywhere there is a business, institution, government body, or volunteer organisation there is a need for accountants. Students who successfully complete accounting courses can expect a wide range of opportunities in this field.

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