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I am interested in doing an evening course in coming weeks. Where are the best places to find options for part time learning?
Evening classes usually start around September and again in January each year with the new terms. Education and Training Boards (ETBs), schools, colleges and universities throughout the country offer plenty of options. The courses on offer vary so it is worth looking around if you have a particular interest you would like to pursue.

In general you need to enrol a few weeks before the course starts. Enrolment usually takes place around mid September, again in mid-January and, for those with a summer term, around mid-March.

Evening classes can be advertised locally - for example in your local newspaper, retail noticeboards, school, community centres, etc. Your local ETB, colleges and secondary schools will be able to give you details on the courses that are on in your area and when they begin. You can also search for local evening further education courses funded by ETB on the ETBI website.

You can also view a list of evening courses on

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