DT 222 – Physics Technology

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT222 Programme Description If you are interested in why things happen in the physical world, or how things work, then Physics Technology may be for you. It underpins most modern technologies and holds a key to improving all our futures. Physicists design experiments to test or apply new ideas in order to better understand the physical world or to improve the quality of life. For instance, it is the work of physical scientists, which has led to the development of our modern electronics, information, computing and medical and energy technologies. It is not necessary to have studied physics in order to do this degree, although obviously you need to have an interest in science/technology. All of the Physics in Year 1 and much of it in Year 2 is learned using the exciting method of problem solving in groups called Problem Based Learning. This learning style allows students to develop additional problem solving skills much sought after by industry: adaptability, teamwork and leadership and communication skills. In this approach students begin to develop research skills from the very start of fi rst year. What students have to say about Problem Based Learning: ….‚Äùhaving fun learning‚Äù ….‚Äùlearning from each other‚Äù ….‚Äùit is more effective and enables you to remember better‚Äù ….‚Äùthe real-life problems are more interesting and challenging‚Äù