DT 211 – Computing

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT211 Programme Description The main aim of the programme is to produce graduates with the necessary skills to function as IT developers and network and system support staff in a broad range of commercial and industrial environments. The focus of the programme is to enable the graduate to apply networked solutions in organisational IT environments. To this end, the student needs to have an in-depth knowledge of network theory and practice and a solid understanding of software engineering and IT practices, with an emphasis on intranet applications and confi guration. In the third and fourth stages of the programme, some of the students may be accepted into an internship pathway, involving two days per week paid internship in industry. ICT Ireland, the representative body for the Information and Communications Technology sector and the Higher Education Authority (HEA) have sponsored an internship programme that is aimed at addressing the problem of the growing shortage of students graduating in ICT programmes. Career Opportunities The focus in the programme is on practical skills and it is designed to educate graduates to work as IT developers and network and system practitioners in a broad range of commercial, industrial and technological areas. The programme content is suffi ciently wide to encourage advancement to more senior positions in the computing industry within a few years. A number of the modules in the programme broadly follow syllabi similar to some external international certifi cation bodies. Students graduating from the programme will be familiar with the material required to pass examinations leading to Cisco Certifi ed Network Associate and Oracle Certifi cation in Development and Administration.