Diploma in Object Orientated Programming (Python & Java)

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Price: € 895
Duration: 11 weeks
Online, Online Courses - Distance Learning
18:30 - 21:30
Schedule: 18/03/2021

Course description

Why take this course?

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the concepts of object-oriented programming.  It extends prior knowledge of the principles of data structures and application design and furthers technical competence in implementing various computing artefacts

Ireland’s reputation as a centre of Software excellence is unrivalled in Europe. It is home to over 900 Software companies, including both multinational and indigenous firms, employing 24,000 people and generating €16 billion of exports annually.

You will gain practical skills in Python and Java using the programming language and it will equip you to have the skills and knowledge to tackle complex programming problems, making good use of the object-oriented programming paradigm to simplify the design and implementation process.

What will I study?

You will be introduced to a number of fundamental data structures and program designs and their applications in software development.  You will develop the skills required to work effectively using Object-Oriented Programming in Python and Java

You will gain a solid theoretical understanding of, as well as practical skills in, object-oriented programming.

Programme Modules

* Principles of Object-Oriented Programming

* Libraries and Data Structures

* Testing and Debugging

* Exceptions Handling

* Object-Oriented Applications Design

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