School of Informatics and Creative Arts DKITCertificate in Audio-Visual Production for Online Platforms

Certificate in Audio-Visual Production for Online Platforms

Course is FREE to all eligible Springboard scheme candidates. Find out more on springboard eligibility criteria here:
2 semester
CPD, Job Skills and CPD
3 evenings a week online and 3 Saturdays each semester in person
Start Date: 23/01/2023

Course description

This course (funded by Springboard+) will give students extensive knowledge, understanding and competencies across a wide range of audio-visual principles and practices for online platforms, including camera operation, video editing, audio mixing, podcasting, vlogging, live streaming, presenting, motion graphics, storytelling, ethics, and media law.


This innovative course is aimed at those who wish to specialize and build their skills in online audio/video production and dissemination.

This course is aimed at upskilling those already involved in the A/V sector and providing a solid skills foundation to those who intend to seek employment in various online positions. This course will be relevant to school leavers, recent graduates and those who wish to reskill. It will be delivered 80% online so that it is relevant to those already working in this area and to those who are geographically removed from the North-East of Ireland. The other 20% will consist of three on campus workshops per semester.

The course will cover production and post-production skills for online video, content development and scripting for online video, and marketing/entrepreneurship for online content creators. Participants will also gain skills in audio, graphics, presenting, live streaming and VFX for online video.

The course will strive to instill awareness in participants with regard to low-budget production methodologies including home ‘studio’ production – and the many open-source software tools and platforms that can facilitate start-ups in this area. It will also strive to develop participants’ awareness regarding the online video content landscape and with regard to proven strategies for reaching audiences through Social Media.


Semester 1:

Introduction to Vision and Sound— To develop basic camera operation and video editing skills.
Writing for Online Media— The writing process for fiction and factual content and its application within the context of online storytelling.
Content Creation for Social Media— The knowledge and skills to legally and ethically create content for various social media platforms.

Semester 2:

Digital Audio and Recording Techniques— To develop practice-based skills for DAW use and Podcast creation.
A/V Technologies for Live Streaming— The technical knowledge and skills to research, produce and present A/V content for live events.
Visual Effects for Online Content— To develop composting and visual effects techniques for online projects.


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